Consider natural remedies for tackling common ailments. Along with drinking lots of water, the best thing for your cold is natural foods. Yes, medication will help you sleep, but when you really take care of yourself your body will have the opportunity to heal faster.

Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables and lots of water. If you’ve lost your appetite, make a hydrating smoothie with berries, spinach and coconut water.

For an extra immunity boost give these natural supplements a try:


This anti-inflammatory is a tool for every ailment: an upset stomach, headache, and anxiety—but it is especially great for cold symptoms. Chop or grate a piece of ginger, place it in a tea cup and pour fresh boiling water on top. Let it steep for five minutes and add lemon or honey to help with the bitter taste. For best results, drink three cups a day or until you’re feeling better.


A 2017 study found that oregano oil, especially from the leaves of an oregano plant, had strong antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. As soon as you feel your cold symptoms, put two to three drops in a cup of hot water or if you’re feeling brave drop them directly in your throat for fast acting magic.


Did you know garlic actually helps boost your immune system? You may hate this suggestion, but it works! Pop a whole clove of garlic in your mouth and start munching. When you munch on raw garlic it releases allicin which is a powerful antibacterial. This will help kill your cold faster.

There are so many natural ways to overcome your sick winter blues. Try honey, turmeric, salt water or cinnamon.

Your body will be grateful for nature’s medicine.

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