Filsinger’s Has an Organic Mother

Does your vinegar have a “mother”? Choosing a vinegar like Filsinger’s with an organic mother provides lots of health benefits. The mother is the part of the vinegar that contains natural bacteria that are good for the health of your gut microbiome. These good gut bacteria help
humans digest food and balance the health of your gut.

Filsinger’s has been an organic apple farm since its inception back in the mid 1950’s. Since Filsinger’s products are organic, there aren’t any pesticides that kill these good bacteria, thus preserving all of the health benefits.

The mother also adds a spectacular level of taste. Some of the best chefs use apple cider vinegar with the mother for salads, dressings, marinates, sauces, and more.

This vinegar tastes amazing and has many health benefits. Check out the story about health benefits here



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